Dr. Reuben T. Banks, Bio


Reuben Banks finished High School and went into the Military  and served in the Navy, came home and went to business school to further his education in Business Administration. Later went by to school for Transportation that led him in construction to bring him to the present wing of his journey.


I wanted you to know what we are doing so you can become excited and want to be a great part in helping us to serve our Children Living with this Disease called HIV-AIDS; so we will keep you posted.

Personal Experience

Reuben Banks grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with both parents. Served in The Navy and came home with a Honorable Discharge, very loyal in his serve. His servanthood to the family, community and the Ministry has been Great.

The Right Path 101

Don't be afraid to Volunteer you will be rewarded for your service. When you see the smile on someone face, or that person saying thank you, training and teaching them in the right path will make a different in their lives and your life. That is Real Talk 101

Personal Goals for the Company

We operated for the longest from the home and now yes we have a location where you will get the full benefit of what we have to offer. This is so exciting to share with you our thoughts and love for what we do.

My Contribution

Yes my contribution to the Organization is seeing that you are happy in our serve. Yes, we make sacrifices but in the end we are rewarded because we helped others. Our Humanitarian Serve.