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Mission Statement

Our Goal is to reach as many children as possible Living with HIV-AIDS by showing and guiding them in a very fruitful Lifestyle. Our mission  is to educate an empower. While training and Supporting Broken Woman to be  healed Holistic.


To produce and create a loving atmosphere for Broken Women, where most of them are teens & unwed young girls that have Children Living with HIV-AIDS. While educating them to love themselves. Showing them there is another way to abundant living.

Let Us Touch & Agree

I truly believe that we can do all things with some inner help. Let us work together and see the conclusion of the whole matter, while seeing the results of what our Vision and Mission was from the beginning. Love, Peace and Joy.

Empowerment, Educational Forum

In Short

Daytime Hours: 1 hour each: Sewing classes, Crocheting, knitting, inspirational reading, seminars with computer skills. Children like games and find interest in coloring books. We will have many colorful pictures, and music.

We will get books to read for the children.

Announcing coming events

We are excited about the Alignment of 2017 What a  Shift?

Our Spring Broken Women Conference April 22nd, 2017 was a blast!

Annual Conference October 13th, 2017 At Sea Hurry we only have 20 Ocean view Cabins.

Our Bike Ride - Wow Come & Join us on the Walk of the Beach.

We will post the date.

"Born To Be Free"


Let's talk about some of the things we hope our children want have to face like some others children by educating them using preventive measures. Remembering that our children have mothers and fathers. Most of them have single mothers, unwed mothers. So we will have awareness workshops, seminars and preventive solutions. Tools: Books, movies, videos, field trips, plays, performing arts.

So Important to have a Website!

Learning how to do our Website was probably one of the greatest things so far to accomplish. I can now encourage someone else to get their website done,  it takes patience and determination, No Cost just a made up mind "I can do this"


We just opened our New Office,  learning Real Empowerment, being the best that we can be. Making a difference in the lives of others.

Searching the heart, mind and spirit.

 "Walking in Alignment" 

Maya Angelou - Put rainbows in your life.  

Dania Beach, Florida 33004



Wow we could have chosen many things in life to do, however, when you have an assignment  and have love to do what you have been assigned to do; Know this we learned to love our journey. Read the Book, Why the Cage Bird Sing now help me to reach out even the more. Plus, Phenomenal Woman has been a very special part of me for a long time.  Children Living with HIV-AIDS have a very special  place in our Hearts.  

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What An Honor to Embrace!

We have to know who we are so we can build strong children because it is easier to build than to repair broken men and women - Frederick Douglass. We have to deal with Abortions, Abuse, Anger, Broken Hearted, Closure, Grief, Hurts, Mental Health Issues, Miss Carriages, Molestation, Pain & Rape

Race, Color and Creeds

Rose of Sharon is dedicated in providing counseling, education and parenting resources to prenatal and parenting young mothers and their families throughout Broward - Miami Dade and surrounding counties areas supporting their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. (The Holistic)

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